City of Edinburgh Project

We were asked to re-design a narrow, overgrown walled garden in the centre of Edinburgh as a more attractive and user-friendly space.

With size in mind, we wanted to maximise the garden's existing space and visual appeal. We plotted a series of 'rooms', each lending a fresh texture and colour to their section of the garden while enhancing its overall impact.

Before we could begin work, we had to roll up our sleeves to clear overgrown foliage and an existing slab pathway which ran through the middle of the garden. With our canvas clean, we built a paved area outside the property's rear door, flanked by gravel and neat planting beds.

A raised deck broke up the garden's centre and connected the paving to a stretch of landscaped lawn beyond. The lawn was bordered by planting beds and a section of trellised wall - but also led to a second sandstone patio at the back of the garden.

The transformation was complete: from overgrown and unappealing - to four diverse, accessible environments within one narrow, walled space!

Before & After Gallery

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